Deep sea fishing for the freshest fish tacos ever! 🌮

I went to deep sea fishing trip with my friend today and we caught some good size California Scorpionfish and red snappers! Those fishes are delicious with white firm flesh and cannot be bought at the groceries store. I found it best to just simple fry them for home made fish tacos.

20E5E5DC-758A-4864-8178-A5BF508DC327First, I marinated their fillet with some seasoning I have at home.

While waiting for the fish to be marinated, let’s make some Pico De Gallo. I don’t have cilantro on hand but my Vietnamese cilantros are doing very well this summer and it is very good in the Pico De Gallo. I also use the Black Cobra pepper I have in the garden instead of jalapeño. It is very hot but we love spicy foods. Slide some tomatoes, red onion and squeeze a lime or two into the mixture, some salt for seasoning then you have a beautiful freshly made Pico De Gallo.


Next, we need to make some taco sauce. I didn’t have any sour cream at home but I learned that I can use yogurt instead so I mixed my plain yogurt with some sriracha and created an Asian fusion sauce for the tacos.


Next, chop some crunchy veggies, in this case, I had baby romaine lettuces. Originally, they used red cabbages. My avocado was also ripe, perfect timing for the tacos.CEAE24A1-D36B-4CCD-A057-15D54585590B

Nowhere time to fry the fish. We love to add butter and garlic to our fish as always. Look at those lovely firm and juicy fillet. It can make a person who doesn’t like fish to change their mind.

Time to serve, let’s assembling the super fresh fish tacos with some Mexican lager. 😸


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