Vietnamese Desserts – Mekong Delta Area

There are many tasty desserts in Vietnam, from the North to the South. Because Vietnam shares the borders with China, Laos, and Cambodia, therefore, the character of the desserts are changing from the North to the South. On the trip to Vietnam this summer, I was able to sample many tasty desserts in the Mekong Delta area. Sharing the border with Cambodia, this area has some similar desserts to Cambodia, which some I tried on my trip to Cambodia 5 years ago.

Chè bí- Pumpkin Tart. It isn’t very sweet, the flavor is very balanced between the nutty taste of the pumpkin and the creamy sweet texture of the filling which made from egg and condensed milk. It then served with ice and sweet coconut sauce.

Chè thốt nốt – Palm nuts dessert. The palm is a special plant very common in this area and in Cambodia. The locals love it so much, they named the town after that. Thốt Nốt town. The palm nut meat will be scooped out from its shell then cook with coconut milk and palm sugar which made from the nectar of the palm flower.  The flavor is so special. It is sweet from the palm sugar and it is very special. If you taste it one time, you will remember that flavor. It is so delicious and one of my favorite.

Chè thập cẩm – mixed color dessert. The name came from the appearance of the dessert after it was assembled. There are different parts as ginkgo nuts, lotus seeds, water chestnut, beans, agar, seaweed, and mushroom. They are already cooked. You can let the seller desire or you can pick whichever ingredient which you want. Then they will be served in a glass with cane sugar syrup and ice. It is very refreshing and healthy.

Chè thập cẩm – water chestnuts tapioca, mung beans, and black beans.

Thốt nốt – Palm nut drink. Simply palm nut meat in palm sugar with ice. It is a very refreshing drink which you can buy along the country road. It isn’t hard to find, just look for a place with piles of palm nut and palm products such as palm sugar and palm nectar.

Bánh bông lan lạp xưởng – sausages point cake. Pound cake with Vietnamese sausages and salted egg. The cake is sweet and fluffy but the sausages and salted egg are savory. It is a strange combination but it can be addictive.

Bánh – different variety of cake with durian, pineapple or sweet bean filling.

Da ua- yogurt, is very popular in Vietnam. Mostly homemade from whole milk, very creamy and delicious. Next by is a small chocolate agar in the shape of a rose.

Some rice cake filled with sweet coconut, pandan leaves flavor rice cake, coconut rice cake, and banana rice cake. They are all very tasty and full of flavor from the land they are from.

I cannot tell you how excited I was every time saw a dessert haven’t tried yet. Even though I grew up in Vietnam, I am always excited to try all the old and new thing, every time I come back.

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