Bottega Louie – my sweet tooth fairy

I discovered this Italian restaurant and bakery when I took the train to work. It is right by the train station so I couldn’t help stopping by every morning to get a cappuccino and pastries for breakfast and it always made my train commute less boring. If you drive by Bottega Louie, you may think that this place is too fancy and must be expensive. But coffee and pastries are usually reasonable prices. The dinner menu is large but the prices aren’t crazy. That’s why it is very hard to get a table here at night. Their services are very friendly. They wrapped my birthday cake beautifully and even threw in some fancy candles with a chocolate Happy Birthday sign.

I tried many pastries at Bottega during a year of train commute and I love them all. Sometimes I need an excuse to take the two-hour train to work, it is Bottega to blame. So next time you want to explore LA, take the train and stop by this magic place which looks like a Caesar palace.

The macaroon road!$2.50 each


Cake assortment

Fruit tart

Chocolate Princess Cake. Chocolate mousse filling with macaroon base. I always get this for my birthday.

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