Mid-night Cowboy steak ramen

There was a dish that kept me thinking about, every time I walked by that ramen restaurant -Jinya.

I always wanted to have it but I was afraid that it would be too heavy for lunch, then I would get back to work, feeling very sleepy.

Finally, one beautiful early Autumn day, when the weather was a bit gloomy and chilled, I decided to order this hearty ramen, just to satisfy my imagination and my curiosity.

I wasn’t disappointed! The ramen was very tasty. The beef was tender and juicy, the broth was hearty. But the flavor wasn’t there yet! It didn’t give me a wholesome ramen experience like what I always had with Tonkotsu ramen, you know, pork belly in a pork broth. This beef ramen, the beef tastes good by itself, the broth tastes good by itself, but when I had them together, they didn’t combine.

I still like it, and think about it. Maybe I have to wait for another cold day, when I feel really hungry, to have this dish again.

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