Osawa Sushi – 4.5/5.0 stars

Osawa Shabu Shabu at

77 N Raymond AvePasadena, CA 91103

I visited this place many times and always had a very good experience. You should always request to sit by the bar and try Omakase – chef choice, if possible. I went there one time with a larger group and sat by the table, the experience wasn’t good because the sushi took more time to be made for many people and they got cold by the time they get to our table. As rule of thumb, it is better to sit by the bar at any sushi restaurant. Most of the time, I enjoy sushi more when I went to sushi by myself.

Here are some highlights of the meal.

Omakase – Tuna, spring salmon, yellowtail, Kibinago – silver stripe/round herring and firefly squid. All from Japan and seasonal. I cannot use the word to tell you how fresh and delicious they were. The picture worth a thousand words.


Onsen Tamago and uni – Hot Spring egg with sea urchin. It was so good, I had two. The egg was poached perfectly and served with a light sauce made from dashi and soy sauce. The flavor was just perfect, very delicate.


Wagyu beef sushi – The beef was fatty and melt in my mouth.


Seared Foie Gras with truffle oil – I cannot explain to you how amazing it was, you need to try it yourself. It was super creamy and fat with a hint of iron taste from the liver, paired perfectly with the truffle oil and the braised daikon.

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