Montserrat – Caribbean hidden gem

Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean. It is a part of the Lesser Antilles chain and a British overseas territory. The North of the island is uninhabitable due to the active Soufrière Volcano. Hidden away from the tourist’s eyes, this island reserved its beauty and a peaceful life with friendly local people.

Soufrière Volcano. A day hike to Soufrière Hill is a thing you must do when you visit the island. You can find abandoned houses and properties, some from rich and famous people. The landmark looks like from another planet.

Woodland Beach.  It is smaller and more private than Rendezvous Beach but it has beautiful rocks and sandy beach.


Montserrat foods. Rum, more rum. Montserrat is a very small island and doesn’t produce much product, mostly importing theirs produces. But seafood, local grow chicken and produces are delicious and tasty. Their national dish called Goat water, which is a goat stew with spices and potatoes. It is amazing. It warmed up my stomach right the moment I swallowed it. Full and bold taste. The goat was cooked to tender and fall off its bone. Corn water was cooked the same way, just replaced goat with corn. I love them both. Especially when we were at the Calypso music event, after drinking a lot of bush rum, dancing to the music, goat water, and fried chicken would keep us going.

Pelau chicken rice was originated in Trinidad. It is also very popular here.

Salted fish cooked in tomato sauce, served with breadfruit, cooked veggies, rice is my favorite. It has so much flavor. I ate it almost every day for lunch.

Surprisingly, not many kinds of seafood available due to the underdeveloped fishing industry. Most of the local went fishing and catch the small number of fishes and seafood to sell at the fish market in the morning. Our neighbor went spear fishing and gifted us a giant lobster on Christmas. Carribean lobster is very big and tasty.

Jerk chicken can be found everywhere in the island. It followed the Jamaican here and there was a secret competition between the jerk chicken vendor, to see who made the best of all.

Local people relax and friendly.

Other activities included hiking, fishing, and diving. For more detail, please visit this link.

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