Gyukatsu – deep fried beef 🥩cutlet

A friend from Korea told me about his restaurant is selling “Gyukatsu-beef cutlet”. I am familiar with tonkatsu but never had Gyukatsu so I was very curious and wanted to try it so badly. Here you can find the restaurant which served good Gyukatsu in this post. Kachumi Gyukatsu 카츠미 규카츠

Guykatsu is a Japanese dish which is similar to tonkatsu but the meat is beef instead of pork and there is an important twist; after the panko breaded beef was deep fried, it will be served on the table with a cooking device so the consumer will able to continue to cook the meat to their liking. Because the beef was quickly deep fried so all of the juice and flavor was sealed. As you can see in the photo, there is no messy bloody juice came out from the meat. After a quick or long sear on the cast iron pan, the slide of beef tasted and smell so wonderful, tender and juicy inside but crispy outside.

After a while googling but didn’t have any luck finding a Gyukatsu restaurant in LA, I decided to cook my own since the recipe seems easy enough. This is one of my favorite places to find Japanese cooking guide.

Because I didn’t have time to go to get groceries, so I used my Prime Now account and ordered the ingredients from Amazon. I used the 365 Everyday Value Panko breadcrumb from Wholefood market which I got from Amazon and it turned out great. Next time I will try the Japanese brand when I go to the Japanese market

I used grass-fed New York steak instead of wagyu beef but I will make it again with wagyu beef when I can get one from the Japanese market. Next time you come across a good piece of beef, please give it a try 😁

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