The Egg Test


Last Saturday, I found different varieties of eggs from the farmer market in Santa Monica so I decided to do an egg test. I’ve been eating different varieties of egg, whichever I can find at the farmer market every week, from quail, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, peacock to the giant Emu egg. They are all different in shape and taste. In able to document them, I make this egg test.

Here is the size comparison:


I am using my egg cooker to cook egg because it cooks egg fast, use very little water, and easy to peel. Before I always have to time my boiling egg, do all of the tricks like soaking in ice water right after boiling, to make it easier to peel. One day, my coworker brought his egg cooker to work to cook the fresh egg. I tried it and I hate myself for not knowing about it earlier. The egg cooker use steaming method to steam egg, that’s why the eggs are so easy to peel. In less than 5 minutes, you can have whichever egg you like, from soft, medium, hard to poached egg and omelette. I used this to make my soft boiled ramen egg and since then, I didn’t need to buy them from the restaurant anymore. Making a soft boiled egg is when this device came to rescue.  Before I always struggled to peel the soft boiled egg and broke a couple of them before I could get some good looking one. The egg cookers are very affordable and small enough to keep at work or bringing to travel. Here is the link to Ramen egg – Ajitsuke Tamago, in case you like to make some. If you use the egg cooker, set water to soft boiled egg and follow the recipe for marinating the soft boiled egg.


I adjusted the cooking timing according to the side of the egg. For Turkey and Peacock egg, I doubled the cooking time of chicken eggs. For some reason, I got a bad egg duck so it didn’t come out very nice. The egg yolk mixed with the white yolk. As you can see, the eggs were peeled very easily,


Here come the beautiful fresh eggs. As you can see, colorwise, their yolks are in beautiful creamy yellow color. I think those birds are on the same farm and have the same diet. As I know, chicken or duck which were fed with shrimp, fishes had egg yolks more orange than those which fed with grains. When my family had a small yard, we used to feed our chickens and ducks with shrimp shell which left from the dinner. They were also free-range and eating those fatty earthworms all day. The result of a high calcium diet is the beautiful orange and tasty yolks.

For taste, Peacock, Turkey and Duck yolks are creamier than the rest. I had a goose egg and emu egg before, and they are the creamiest yolk I ever tasted. Peacock and Turkey have similar taste, while duck yolk has a deeper, a little bit different taste. I love Aruacana and Guinea Hen yolk the most. They taste better when soft boiled. Peacock egg has too much egg white which I don’t like. As you can compare the ratio between egg yolk and egg white in the photo. Guinea Hen has a beautiful balance ratio between its yolk and white. Not all egg taste the same, next time if you see some strange egg, check them out! If you still want more egg, Serious Eat has a whole page dedicated to everything about eggs


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