K-zo Sushi. 4.5/5.0 stars

We tried out K-zo in Culver city, which I never been there before, for Dine in LA week and we had a very good time with excellent sushi and sake experience.

For Appetizer, we got the Rokuten Mori, everything tasted great, especially the fresh octopus caparccio and oyster uni caviar. The sweetness of fresh oyster, the creamy uni and the saltiness of caviar combined into an amazing pack of flavor. I loved it so much that I had to order extra.

For Entrée, I got the sashimi Assortment. I especially loved the Hokkaido scallop was very fresh and sweet, paired perfectly with ponzu topping. The flavor is unforgettable. I add toro and uni for $17 and it was an amazing deal for such a quality sashimi plate. All of the fishes were fresh, clean and thickly cut.

The sake sampler was also great! I enjoyed all of the sakes which were introduced.

For dessert, we got chocolate fondant and original purple parfait. They were amazing with delicate flavor and refreshing! Not so heavy, just perfect to finish off a wonderful meal. Thank to Dine In La that I just found a new favorite sushi place in the neighborhood.

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