Ohh La Pavoni! Part 2 – fixing the La Pavoni.

As mentioned on the previous post, the steam tap was bent during the shipping so I had to replace it. After calling a couple of places in LA asking for estimation, I couldn’t get a reasonable price (they wanted $50 to $200 to fix or replace it), I decided to take a risk and fix it myself. After some time of googling and asking those nice people in the La Pavoni Owner facebook group, I found the part online and also a link to the instruction. For the steam tap replacement, simply google “La Pavoni steam tap” and it will show you links to the sellers. In the US, I ordered it from Stephano Espresso.



Following the instruction, I was able to unscrew the steam tap then replace the bent one with a new one. Not sure what did they do to it to make it bent. It was a pretty solid piece of metal.

The steam valve body also tilted but it was an easy fix. I just tiled it back until it was level.

Adding the group head temperature strips and now it is good to go. This temperature strips really made my life easier. I learned that the right temperature to pull a shot with La Pavoni is about 80 to 90 Celsius.

With the machine descaled, cleaned and good to go, I pulled my first shot. I have to admit, even after watching several video, instruction and practicing in my head, I was nervous still and shaking and messed up steps. I managed to pull a shot with freshly ground, newly roasted coffee. The result wasn’t bad, it tasted smooth and not bitter or sour, but it wasn’t much crema as I wished to see. I posted it in the La Pavoni Owner Group for critic and received a lot of feedback. Next, since I saved money on fixing the machine, now getting a good grinder is the next step. Stay tuned!!! šŸ™‚

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