Ohh La Pavoni!!! Part 3 – dialing in.

As other member of the group La Pavoni Owner suggested, I bought the bottomless portafilter. This type of filter is a good way to check the technique of tamping and distribution the coffee. A beautiful one from Italy.

It proved that my Hario Skelton Pro, while being a good hand grinder, couldn’t up to the taste of grinding coffee fine enough for the La Pavoni. The hunt for the grinfer began. I decided to try the ROK grinder, because I heard good thing about it. It was a big mistake. It couldn’t grind fine enough. At least Amazon 30 days return policy was fantastic. ROK grinder for La Pavoni was a no no.

Luckily, I found a used – like new Rancilio Rocky made in Italy, on eBay for a very good deal. It’s was a beautiful machine. I love the study and the simplicity of it. No digital controlling means less work on maintaining.

On the third weeks, I got everything up to the standard and ready to pull a real shot 😍. I used up to one pound of coffee while practicing. Shots after shots. Every free moment, I used it to play with my machine.

It was a wonderful moment to see the crema cane out just like what I saw from the experienced users. There are more to learn to get a perfect espresso shot but I am happy that I am going on the right path. The manual coffee machine is really fun and interesting compared to the auto one.

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