The electric lunch box and steamer challenge! Day 1

My friend and I just bought an electric lunch box for each of us because we are trying to use the micro oven less and eat more clean, steamed foods. Also, the idea of having a hot freshly cook lunch at work was so cool to resist.

After some googling, I decided to order my electric lunch box from Amazon so I can get it to deliver to me in two days, instead of waiting 2 to 4 weeks from the other brand oversea. Also, ordering from Amazon gave me peace of mine in case something go wrong and returning the product will be easier. I ordered the brand Jonolia – Electric lunch box and steamer. They advertised that the product was made of food grade 304 stainless steel and food grade PP material. The lunch box is pretty much a  small steamer designed as a lunch box. You will need to plug it into the electric outlet and pour some water into the bottle to cook food. It came with very simple instruction and no recipe at all. But it isn’t hard to figure out what to cook. Just look for the recipe of steam food and shrink it down to fit the device.

Recipe #1: Simple rice and steamed egg.

I didn’t have much groceries left when the device delivered to me so I used whichever I had at the time, which was frozen peas, Chinese snow peas, egg, and rice. In the morning, I spent 10 minutes putting this together.

Rice: one part of rice, one part of water and veggies of choice.

Egg: one teaspoon of soy sauce, one teaspoon of mirin, one teaspoon of sesame oil, some peppers and a pinch of salt if you like it saltier.

At work, I turned it on 30 minutes prior to my lunchtime.

The result wasn’t bad. The rice was a bit wetter than I wanted. I think the water from the steaming process adding into the rice. So keep it in mine, next time I will reduce the water amount. The egg stuck to the pan a little bit but it wasn’t hard to clean.

The lunch was fun and fresh. Some of my coworkers noticed and asked me about it so it was fun.

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