The ELB challenge! Day 2 – Steamed fish and mushroom with black bean garlic sauce.

Steamed fish and mushroom with black bean garlic sauce.

While trolling the groceries store for dinner, I saw the black bean sauce. I remember my Mom used to make steamed fish with black bean sauce when I was in Vietnam. It was very delicious. I haven’t cooked this dish for a long time because my husband doesn’t like fish. It would be an excellent recipe for my steam lunch box.


I picked up my favourite fish – shortspine thornyhead fish from the Japanese market, but you can try whichever fish you can find at your local grocery store.


– Black bean garlic sauce Lee Kum Kee (or other brands)

– Fish of your choice.

– Ginger, green onion, salt and peppers and oil of your choice. I used sesame oil.

– Mushroom or veggies of your choice.

Seasoning the fish with some salt and pepper. I just used a little bit of salt because the black bean sauce was already salty. Drop some oil to the pot then layer the fish on top of green onion, top it with thin slide fingers then black bean sauce. The same for mushroom.

At work, I turned the ELB (electric lunch box) on 30 minutes prior to lunch time. The ginger and onion and sesame oil help eliminate the fishy smell.




Foods were cooked beautifully 😁. The fish was plump and juicy. Enjoy with some steamed rice for a fresh and tasty lunch.

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