The ELB challenge! Day 4 – Takikomi Gohan (Japanese mixed rice)

Tanikomk Gohan (Japanese mixed rice) us an amazing dish to make when you have leftover veggies, meat or seafood. It was very easy to make with a rice cooker so I experience it with my Electric Lunch Box this time.


One 1/3 cup of rice. 1 cup of water. (I add water into the rice mixture just right before I cook them)

Meat, seafood or sausages. I used some spicy Japanese sausages. Canned fish like tuna worked great too. But I will cook it at work so I didn’t want to use any type of fish.

Veggies. I had mushrooms from last night hotpot.

Ginkgo nuts (optional). Chestnut taste is really good too.

1/2 teaspoon soy sauce (more if you like it saltier). 1/2 teaspoon mirin (or sake). 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil (or any type of fat.)

I assembled all of the ingredients into the ELB, at home then pack them to work.

I had some frozen sumai left so I used them for appetizers.

Pour water into the ELB then turn it on 30 minutes prior lunch time. The rice cooked perfectly this time. Not to wet, not too dry. The flavor was very good too. I top it with some green onion and furikake (Japanese rice topping, seasoning)

Here is the fancy and healthy lunch at work that made all of the coworker jealous :-). I felt great after the good lunch. Especially when it was fresh.

Try it out and share your new recipes of ELB. 🙂

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